01/06/2020 To the unknown God
01/06/2020 The journey, the universe, the beginning and the end
13/03/2020 Cyprus, the Achilles heel of Hellenism
18/10/2017 A shadow of death
19/07/2017 Two wishes, a staggering people and an unknown future
12/05/2017 Dear friend, President Nicos Anastasiades
29/03/2017 Let there be gas
20/10/2016 Cyprus beloved, Smyrni and other lost motherlands, beloved
13/07/2016 We started with Victories, we may end up with Annexation...
20/01/2016 A streetcar named desire (Cyprus 2016)
21/10/2015 The sands of History are running out in the hourglass
06/05/2015 Nicos and Mustafa pick up the roses out of the thorny stems
11/02/2015 Lost in space
28/10/2014 Barbaros, Rights, Resolutions and sheer reality
18/09/2014 Cyprus Tourism 2000-2013: A tragic course
28/05/2014 Natural Gas: The Journey - A chronicle of struggles, challenges, insults and vindication
19/02/2014 Do not kill once more the Halcyon days
08/01/2014 Where is the good God of Cyprus gone?
15/05/2013 Hit me, but listen to me
13/03/2013 Legacy of Plato and Karamanlis
13/02/2013 Waiting for the Barbarians
19/12/2012 Presidents of Europe, oilmen, beggars - What a paradox
19/11/2012 POEM Conference: Oil & Gas – A historical background and future prospects
19/09/2012 The seventh president
19/07/2012 An unnatural course to Natural Gas and a Trojan war against the Troika
08/06/2012 Oil and Gas: Who helped at the starting point - what about today?
05/04/2012 Greece and Cyprus - God help us
15/02//2012 Is there a win-win situation?
07/12/2011 Oil & Gas - Thoughts and Memories
21/10/2011 The ornate palace has collapsed
15/09/2011 Christofias (rise and fall) and offshore Oil & Gas
21/07/2011 How did you mess it up, Demetris?
09/06/2011 Crime and Punishment
07/04/2011 I remember...
10/02/2011 Cyprus, island of love and... of Natural Gas
10/12/2010 A Secretary-General who does not smile anymore
29/10/2010 The key from the depth of time
15/09/2010 I look out of the window
31/03/2010 Home, sweet home
18/02/2010 Partition ante portas?
12/01/2010 A president seeks a place under the sun
15/10/2009 European tale... Once upon a time... Cyprus: Year 2009... 2030... 2031
02/09/2009 My kingdom for a KOT
16/07/2009 Security Council resolution 430 - With a tinge of grapefruit
13/05/2009 God, Allah, the golden spoons and the Cyprus problem
19/03/2009 How could they do this to us?
11/02/2009 The beautiful people, Enosis, Partition and our bloody mess
05/01/2009 Yes we can
29/10/2008 The dove of Lac Leman of Lausanne
10/09/2008 Famagusta and Morphou... Through the mist of history
09/07/2008 The committees, the church blessing, the gods and stupidity
15/06/2008 Beach of Constantia Hotel, Famagusta
04/06/2008 A mountain does not move to join another mountain - but we have to get Troodos and Pentadaktylos together
07/05/2008 My own country has been split in two...
03/03/2008 Dear president, Dear Demetris
30/01/2008 When you cast your vote remember the dove whose feathers we have clipped